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About Us

Welcome to "What Froggy Bakes Cake Studio". Nestled in the heart of Preston, this boutique cake shop has its roots deep in passion and craftsmanship. Froggy's journey with cake and sugar art began 11 years ago, where he discovered his true love and talent for the craft. Over the years, Froggy honed his distinct skills, and in 2020, with modest beginnings, he established his own small commercial kitchen. This was a space dedicated to crafting exquisite cakes for his loyal clientele.

Today, Froggy continues to venture forward, with the opening of his very own cake studio and shop. Froggy's expertise and vision ensure that every creation isn't just visually stunning but is equally delectable. Always ready to embrace a challenge, our cake range spans from classic flavours to inventive ones that are sure to surprise your palate.

Our studio caters to a plethora of sweet needs, from custom cakes for weddings and corporate events to unique creations for special occasions that perfectly align with your heart’s desire. Froggy's passion doesn't stop at baking. He is excited to impart his cake decorating skills to enthusiasts through intimate cake decorating classes, coming soon.

Every cake from our studio is crafted with joy and love. Join us on this sweet journey!